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09.09, Rīga, Aleponija

concert dedicated to experimental guitar music

with music performed and composed by: lucie nezri, edgars rubenis, jurijs santalovs, and michael winter — info

14.09, Rīga, Latvian Academy of Music

two open lectures by lucie nezri           and michael winter about mathematics and harmony — info

11.09, Liepajā, MPLab

two open lectures by marija rasa kudabaitė and michael winter about their respective compositional processes — info

16.09, Rīga, Ģertrūdes Street Theatre

a mini DIY festival with pieces composed and performed by: liisa hirsch, lucie nezri, andrejs poikāns, marija rasa kudabaitė,  edgars rubenis, ernests vilsons, and michael winter — info

12.09, Liepajā, Pegaza pagalms

pieces and performances, most of them based on algorithmic composition, by lucie nezri, marija rasa kudabaitė, edgars rubenis, jurijs santalovs, ernests vilsons, and michael winter — info

17.09, Rīga, Maize

a radioshow with andrejs poikāns and marija rasa kudabaitė — info

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'Music and the Wende, now' is a multifaceted group project between composers and sound artists from Latvia (Andrejs Poikāns, Edgars Rubenis, Jurijs Santalovs, Ernests Vilsons), Belgium/Lithuania (Marija Rasa Kudabaitė), Estonia (Liisa Hirsch), US/Germany (Michael Winter), and Netherlands/France (Lucie Nezri), culminating in a series of 3 concerts, open lectures and workshops, and a forthcoming publication.  


our collective is made up of music researchers, composers, performers, and teachers united by friendship and shared musical interests who wished to meet and work together. we realized that this 'meeting' has more profound implications because of the barriers between the art and music scenes between Eastern and Western Europe that still exist well after the Wende. as such, we felt it was essential to hold this first meeting in Eastern Europe to learn more about and collaborate with the creative communities there, and aim to publish a set of texts that chronicle our experience together. 


the first stepping stone of our collective venture is taking place in Latvia. 

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