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— about the participants — 


Liisa Hirsch (EE) — composer, sound artist, teacher. her music is characterized by a high sensitivity to timbre, microtonality, and a research-oriented approach toward composition. liisa is seeking to further the means of listening and better expressing the power of concentration in music. 


Lucie Nezri (FR/NL) — composer, sound artist. her work bridges different contexts and disciplines pertaining to musical composition, tuning theory, computer science, and, at times, choreography. in her music, lucie combines algorithmic techniques of composition based on probabilities, open scores, and care for harmony.


Andrejs Poikāns (LV/NL) — sound and new media artist. andrejs uses new media techniques to experiment with speculative software art, computer graphics, sound installations, electroacoustic music, and sound performance. as a researcher, he is fascinated by the topics of subjectivity, language, and media archeology.


Marija Rasa Kudabaitė (LT/BE) — musician, sound artist, composer. marija explores sonic spatialization, texture, and fragility. in her last series of acousmatic pieces for multichannel speaker setups, she carefully sculpts fictional soundscapes out of delicate noise, electronic sounds, and field recordings of quiet places, attentively put together by using a micro montage approach.


Edgars Rubenis (LV) — guitarist, composer. his current three-album project, Pains And Boogies, explores the vitality of fingerpicked steel-string guitar traditions. working particularly with the forms of early blues and ragtime, edgars writes seemingly old yet entirely new music – material that pays homage to the great originators of these styles and also dares to diverge at its own will.

Jurijs Santalovs (LV) — guitarist, composer. in his project echo minimal, jurijs explores the rhythmical/pulsating aspects of delay effects and is driven by the momentum of sound that is being generated using electric guitar and mobile interactive delay system.


Ernests Vilsons (LV) — composer, teacher. ernests composes for both acoustic instruments and electronic means. he teaches classical harmony, thinks, and occasionally writes about sound and music. 


Michael Winter (US/DE) — composer, sound artist. michael's practice is diverse, ranging from music created by digital and acoustic instruments to installations and kinetic sculptures. each piece typically explores one simple process and often reflects various related interests of mine such as phenomenology, mathematics, epistemology, algorithmic information theory, and the history of science.

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